Kokopelli’s Cave

Our cave house is built into the vertical cliffs of the 60 million year old Ojo Alamo sandstone and overlooks the beautiful La Plata river
valley some 300′ below. The Cave itself is 70′ below the top of the cliff. Its entrance is located in the cliff face and is reached by walking
down a sloping path and steps cut into the sandstone along the way. From the Cave and the cliff tops, you have an unparalleled view of our
stunning southwestern sunsets over the beautiful La Plata River valley and the four states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado that make
up the Four Corners. The Cave is man made and was originally intended to be a unique office for Bruce Black, the owner, who is a consulting
geologist. When his plan didn’t materialize, we decided to make it into a bed and breakfast.

When you reserve Kokopelli’s cave, you will be staying in a hand drilled and dynamite blasted excavation of approximately 1700 sq. feet.
Its truly a cave. Its not the Carlisle, or a Hilton or even a Holiday Inn. It is a cave…a really nice one…but a cave just the same and
you’ll have the whole thing! The Cave consists of a bedroom, living area, replica native american kiva, dining area, full kitchen and a
bathroom with rock walls incorporating a waterfall shower and hot tub. There are two porches with sliding glass doors; one off the main entrance
and the other off the bedroom. With the exception of the bathroom, all the rooms are located around a large central sandstone pillar which
separates the Cave into its various component rooms. The Cave is dry and stays between 65° and 68°’ year around.

Since there is no elevator, it is wise to pack as lightly as possible. Wheeled bags and suitcases won’t work well and you’ll have to carry
them. A backpack is a good idea.

There is an abundance of local “critters”; squirrels, chipmunks, ring-tail cats and hummingbirds, so WE DO NOT ALLOW PETS. Also, SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED.

2 or More Nights Stay 1 Night Stay
$290 per night, plus $50 per additional person up to 8 guests $340 plus $50 per additional person up to 8 guests

Please Call for Special Requests

Closed December, January and February every year due to the weather.

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Kokopelli’s Cave Amenities



The bedroom has plush carpet, a queen sized bed, sliding glass door leading to porch with a beautiful view of the La Plata Valley and Shiprock, a sacred Navajo rock formation. There also is a CD player so bring your own CDs or use ours.


This well appointed kitchen has stove/oven, microwave, refrigerator. A kitchen Wilma Flintstone would have loved. There is a grill available for those that want to bar-b-que.


We have a replica kiva with a wood burning horno (fireplace).


This large living room has plush carpet, queen sized hide-a-bed sofa, full sized futon, 2 recliners, TV/DVD and VCR player with a good selection of movies. Of course you can bring your own favorites movies.


Amenities: The bathroom is complete with a waterfall shower and Jacuzzi.